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Acoustic Panels

Proper acoustics are of prime importance in any Home Theater set-up. There are various materials on the market for use in soundproofing walls and ceilings. You may find them at home improvement or Home Theater stores in your area, or online. Some of the most commonly used materials are thick foam, vinyl mats, quilt, cotton batting and acoustic panels. Of these, acoustic panels are probably the most versatile sound-proofing material you can use.

Acoustic panels not only control outside sounds and absorb excess bass, they also allow for a clear and crisp sound, whether you’re watching a movie or a concert. Installing acoustic panels will help your Home Theater achieve sound quality similar to that of an actual movie theater.

Some acoustic treatments require installation behind the sheetrock. These products help contain the noise level within a giving room, effectively keeping the sound from penetrating other rooms in the house. These products are usually installed during new construction and can be quite expensive. Conversely, acoustic panels are hung directly on the interior walls and they help the actual listening experience of any room that contains them.

The majority of acoustic panels are made from fiberglass, and are usually framed with fabric. They can be mounted on ceilings and walls. If you want a movable system of panels, you can utilize a stand, and prop this anywhere you need it. There are different thicknesses of panels available, and your selection will depend on your specific needs. Thicker panels (2″ panels) will help to absorb lower frequencies (bass) better than thin (1″ panels) ones. Traditionally, acoustic panels have come in fairly unattractive materials. However, there have been recent breakthroughs in the printing and textiles industries that allow high quality images to be printed on acoustic fabrics.

There are currently a few companies taking advantage of this state of the art process. The Home Theater industry leader in producing decorative acoustic panels is 3-D Squared. Their website Home Theater Design Concepts currently shows over 50 original designs plus numerous themed murals they have created.

By installing decorative acoustic panels, you no longer have to choose between your Home Theater decor and the acoustical integrity of the room. Acoustic panels can now be converted into a piece of art that actually helps your Home Theater sound better. The panels may be attached to the ceiling or mounted on the wall to help convert any basic room into a stunning Home Theater.

In addition to a Home Theater setting, acoustic panels may also be used in conference rooms, restaurants, auditoriums, religious halls, training rooms and any other room that can benefit from a sound control product.

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