Are Hollywood New Released Movies Going to be All Remakes?

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Are Hollywood New Released Movies Going to be All Remakes?

All Right! Who’s up for a night of movies, buttered popcorn, your favorite candy and ice cold slushies? A show of hands please. Yeah, just what I thought, pretty much everyone is. I doubt we will ever get tired of America’s greatest national treasure, watching new released movies. Whether it’s in the comfort of our own homes, or in the local movie theater, we are in love with watching movies. But wait a minute! As with most good things, there is a bad side or two. Have you ever noticed that most of the movie review guys are over-weight? What do you think you would look like if you went to every new release movie and ate all of that buttery popcorn and calorie laden candy? Can you say Big Fat Fatty? I guess a good Hollywood film is worth a little fat.

The thing that really aggravates me is the way Hollywood is spitting out all of those movie remakes and stamping them as new released movies. Can anyone tell me why are all the new released movies are re-makes of old flicks, TV shows, cartoon characters or comic book heroes? Come to think of it, how many comic book heroes are there anyway? Can’t anyone use their imagination anymore? This is really starting to bother me. I have to go see how many comic book super hero new released movies?

I probably shouldn’t complain so much. After all, one of my favorite movies is Robin Hood with Errol Flynn and all though it is considered a movie classic, it was just another new released movie remake. Another good new released movie I went to see was Peter Jackson’s re-make of the film “King Kong.” OK, I’ll admit it. There are some good movie remakes out there but the reason this film was good was Peter Jackson who just finished making the critically acclaimed and Academy Award winning “Lord Of The Rings” trilogy was completely obsessed with remaking “King Kong”, and although he used all of today’s special effects technology to help him pull it off; it was the fact that he pretty much stuck to the plot combined with good acting that made this a successful new released movie. It took a really good director to make it again and show what it truly could be using today’s technology.

Alright, just because I just mentioned a couple of good remakes and I’m sure there are more, doesn’t get all the other poorly made new released movies off the hook. Someone please tell me, why in the world did they re-make “The Omen”? In my opinion the original Omen was fantastic. The movie wasn’t that old, they really couldn’t improve on the special effects and the lead actor was Gregory Peck, need I say more. There are times when some thing is done so well it just can not be improved upon, and this was one of them. When a movie is that good, why can’t they just re-release the original movie as a new released movie, why do they have to remake it?

For some reason they remake horror films more than any other genre. And I understand that with today’s superior special effects the temptation is just too strong not to want to remake everyone’s favorite scary movies. But, guess what Hollywood? The reason most people go to see a new released horror or hack and slash movie is the suspense, the unknown. Guess what? When you remake a horror or hack and slash movie, the suspense is gone, the unknown is known. Use your collective imaginations and make a completely original new released movie so we can start using our imaginations once again. I have actually heard remakes called “re-imaginations” and that’s a sad thing. So please stop taking the “thrill” out of the thriller.

Listen, I think I have a solution to this whole new released movies and movie remake problem. I understand that you are releasing more new movies than ever and that they are being shown in the movie theatres for less time than ever so they can be re-released as DVD’s for sale or rent in places like Blockbuster and Hollywood Movies or sold as PPV to cable networks. I understand it’s all about the money, but why not remake movies that didn’t fare so well when they were new released movies. Take those movies that have a decent plot but because the producers didn’t have a very big budget or the director sucked or the actors couldn’t act and do whatever it takes to make them good movies that we will enjoy watching, slap a new title on them and put them in theatres as new released movies. Sounds like a money making plan to me. Before I end this, I was thinking of doing a remake of this article instead of writing a new one. What do you think? Let me know. In the mean time, surf on over to Movies, Music, Games & More and download all of the new released movies and movie remakes you want for free.

Source by Neil Gerstein

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