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Hollywood is now being dominated by young stars. Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, the Jonas Brothers, and others now have their own niche in the market. These young celebrities continue to create themselves a name. They are good examples why one does not need to be at an age between 20-30 just to get the world’s attention and make a big name. Just remember David Archuleta, Charice Pempengco and other young stars that have started their acting and singing careers. There are actors and actresses who are auditioning as well. Nowadays, auditions for young actresses and actors became common. Biggest companies in the entertainment industry such as Nickelodeon and Disney are always on the search for fresh faces to promote. They always hold show and movie auditions for teenagers. Whether what you want is to audition for movies only or audition for only shows, auditioning under the two biggest trademarks is the best idea.

Disney is known for its ever changing programs, musical jingles, and advertisements. It is known for the many films that it has produced as well. This implies the continuous need of the network for actors and actresses. Shia Labeof, one of the best stars, came from teenage shows.

You must understand that you need to do hard work before you could break into Disney and star on its shows or movies. One of the many good ways is to create your own viral videos then post them on video streaming websites such as YouTube and others.

Another good way is to use social media websites such as Facebook to post your photos and blogs as well. Join every theater performances in your school, community, and other gigs where you can get a lot of acting experiences. If there are stints on auditioning actresses and actors for photo shoots, commercials, and modeling, try them. The more things you learn on the field, the more maximized your showbiz potentials are.

Entering acting schools is also a must. Do not be contented or too confident with the acting abilities that you have. Acting schools are always updated on the things in the acting field and hence, can help you keep up with what are new. Some acting schools are also connected with the best directors in the industry and hence can help you in breaking in.

You need to have ample experience before you audition for movies. The casting directors of Disney movie auditions for teenagers look at each applicant’s resume and yours should be packed with experiences and all the necessary information as well so that you could be noticed.


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