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If you want to become a movie star or have a really interesting job, then one of the ways that you can try is by becoming a movie extra.  Extras for movies do not only get exposure but experience, they get to try things that they would have never tried have they gone doing traditional jobs.

The good thing about becoming a movie extra is that you don’t have to look so gorgeous or be a made up Hollywood star like George Clooney. This is the chance for you to get noticed for your talent. The average looking person has a chance to get in. What matters is the talent and the heart. There are so many upcoming movies out there that you can try adding yourself. You can become a Zombie, a Greek Warrior or a troll. You can become a student, a dancer or a waitress. Play all sorts of roles and even wear a digital costume.

In order to get noticed, you must level up and boost your performance, which means that even if you are only an extra in the movie, you need to give 110% performance. Even if you will just be the corpse or the ice cream vendor, you have to be believable. Once you do this, you increase your chance of getting noticed by casting directors for other films. Be outstanding and make sure to take part in any movie where you can use your talent. This is one way to improve your resume.

It would be best to get a headshot. Invest on this one. Get a professional photographer and print the resume on the back. Take some colorful shots, but prepare black and white photos as well and see to it to include hard copies and a soft copy version.

When submitting your resume, make sure to add physical traits and characteristics. Add your height, weight, hair and eye color and the experiences you have had in acting. You may likewise include knowledge in martial arts and other hobbies that may make your more interesting and relevant to the role that you are trying to get. 

Be always on the lookout for some movie extra screening opening. It would be best for extras for movies to  join actors’ guild and unions to stay informed and to take acting classes, voice lessons and speech lessons. It would also be nice to learn different accents. Learn the way Latinos and Asians speak. Know British and Australian English and even Mandarin to increase your work opportunities.

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