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A truly great film performance can make or break an actor. And you can judge how successful they are by the amount and quality of the films they’ve appeared in. And this doesn’t just work with actors. Films often try to reflect the world around them, so if buildings, props or brands continually appear on screen, you know they’ve made an impact.


So it is with Jeep. Perhaps more than any other car, Jeep has led the Hollywood lifestyle. In part, this is due to the easily identifiable Jeep design but it’s also due to its incredible versatility. One quick search of the Internet shows you what we mean. Looking at the Jeep filmography is like perusing a film genre textbook. There is, as you might expect, a huge selection of army and war films where Jeep has starred. Notable highlights include Robert Altman’s 1970 classic M*A*S*H and Steven Spielberg’s 1998 multi-Oscar-winning epic Saving Private Ryan. In fact, any film that features the US military (or any other for that matter) probably features a Jeep in it somewhere. This highlights the Jeep history as one of the first ever 4×4 vehicles designed to be used by the US Army.


But perhaps more telling of the legendary status Jeep enjoys as the ultimate armed forces vehicle, is in Walt Disney/PIXAR’s animated adventure Cars from 2006. When you need a military vehicle, like that of the character ‘Sarge’, it’s only ever going to be a Jeep.


Like in the real world, it’s not just on the movie battlefield that Jeep has made its mark. Reflecting real life, in the movies, Jeep is also considered the number one off-road vehicle. Twister, Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park are just a small selection of the major blockbusters that feature a rugged Jeep model in a starring role.


The Jeep position as a great family car is also reflected in the movies. In the 1991 comedy classic Father Of The Bride, featuring Steve Martin as the all-American dad whose only daughter is getting married, the family car is – you guessed it – a Jeep.



There are literally hundreds of appearances by Jeep cars, in films of every conceivable genre through the years. It’s remarkable looking at the list. By rights Jeep should probably be the biggest movie star of them all. So move over Clooney, Pitt et al, here comes the biggest movie star of them all, the Jeep Compass.

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